Should Apple Be Held Accountable For Their Environmental Offenses

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Apple is a leading manufacturer in the technological world. They are a leading seller of electronic products due to their global operations. Their wrong choice of products has led to their products being an environmental hazard. Their source of energy is also a major issue in relating to environmental pollution. Although many improvements are underway, it remains confident that Apple has caused much damage to the environment. The company has received low ratings for the use of sweatshop labor, environmental destruction, and unethical business to produce high-quality electronics. This paper will discuss why Apple as an environmental offender in technology and come up with an opinion on if the company should be held accountable for their environmental offenses.…show more content…
Although the company claims by 2018 they will stop using such products, it is clear that disposal of their products destroys the environment. The china apple crisis is an example of how Apple non-recyclable and non-biodegradable products damage the environment. The Foxconn and Uni-Micron manufacturing plants emit harmful materials into rivers in China (Ethical-Consumer, 2013). The largest percentages of electronic products dumped are from the apple company and its affiliate and supplier companies. These products contain heavy metals that destroy the environment. A combination of improper waste disposal and wrong choice of materials is a major threat to the environment (Kaiser, 2013). Apple has reacted to critics and has recently set strategies to reduce environmental pollution. The harm they have already done to the environment is not reversible, and hence they deserve hefty penalties. Their recent improvements only prove that the company was previously ignorant to environmental

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