Stereotypes Of Women In Advertising

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As individuals there are many ways in which we like to express ourselves. As well as many social pressures as to how we should express ourselves. Clothing, hair colour, tattoos, piercings our jobs, the list goes on and on. Another way in which many chose to express themselves is in the vehicle they chose to drive. Parents are often subject to driving minivans, women to driving small cars and men to driving larger trucks. Though these vehicle stereotypes are not always the case they do happen quite often. Ford represents their trucks as being built tough and their adds — specifically the one chosen for this analysis — strongly represent that image. In these advertisements not only is the truck preforming tough jobs but with them being driven…show more content…
It leads viewers to believe that all men should do hard working jobs. Also that the only people who drive these vehicles are those type of men. “The roles of men and women are clearly outlined in past and present car advertisements” (David K). Hardly if ever are women or more feminine male figures seen driving in not only a ford truck commercial but most likely any truck commercial for any brand. Whenever “both genders appeared together in the car, the man was at the steering wheel,” (Tiffany L) never a women driver.This commercial may discourage people who don't fit the masculine stereotype from choosing this vehicle because they find it unfitting to their personality even if they were originally interested in the truck. Additionally it may lead some viewers to believe they don't measure up to the ideal man who drives a truck and this could result in self esteem issues. This commercial makes me feel that just because I am a women I shouldn't drive this type of vehicle and that it should be reserved for men specifically. Rather than targeting a specific social group to sell their product to Ford should have a more broad group of people in their “tough truck” commercials. This would give the impression that anyone can drive whatever they please and that their choice of vehicle should be specifically attached to their

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