North America 18th Century

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Positioning us in mid-eighteenth century, North America was the home of a whole new level of diversity and social organizations. Being popular by its rich land additionally to its strategic points, North America was the destination all great empire wanted to acquire. Newcomers called it “New World”, Europeans such as Spaniards, English and French men sent people to explore this new land in order to conquest more territory and search for the thing everybody wanted but very few could get their hands into it, gold. Being gold the “treasure”, rumors about it spread all over Europe as fast as a spark. Suddenly every European country was interested in this new land. Once ships began to arrive, each country had their specific land and eventually their specific trading goodie. Some found about tobacco, others discovered cotton and there were spices too. All of these were not available in the “Old World” so they were cheap to get in North America and they could sell them easily at a high cost at their country. This was the beginning of one of the greatest trading networks ever created overseas.…show more content…
Meanwhile in Europe the slave collection was going on, and they saw the big work opportunity at the “New World” so slaves were shipped to USA and were badly treated and exploited to produce more goodies to trade. English arrived to the Southeast section of North America and created the first official village in the US History named Jamestown. Jamestown was created in a muddy and mosquito infested place near the Natives camp. English got their hands into tobacco and that was their principal trading
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