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PATCH Self-Assessment Reflection Technology and informatics improve individuals’ work performance and facilitates the health care system to function efficiently. The author believes that the technology and informatics promote a systemic method utilized in nursing practice. For example, the electronic medication administration record (EMAR) system plays a signification role to improve the result of completion of medication records in a timely fashion. The EMAR system has many useful features to remind nurses to compete tasks within a required, reasonable period of time. If the tasks are not completed in time, the color of the column of the task is different from the one that is completed. An alert will emerge to remind the nurse. Before the…show more content…
The author answered the thirty-six items related to this self-assessment. The self-assessment has four rating scales for each item:(1) no experience, novice, (2) some experience, advanced beginner, (3) comfortable user, competent, (4) skilled user, proficient. The author has four items are graded as no experience, a novice. The four items are hospital information systems, multimedia design, research software, and artificial intelligence. Because the author has never worked in a hospital or never used any software to research or perform multimedia design, she believes that she does not have little knowledge and have no experience in the areas. The author also does not understand what the artificial intelligence is; therefore, she is unable to answer this question and automatically consider herself as a novice in this area. Additionally, the author has four items that are graded as having some experience, an advanced beginner. These four items are databases, decision support systems, flash animation, and webcasting. The author has used a database and decision support system to improve the quality of care. The database that the author uses is the Minimum Data Set (MDS), and the decision support system is the resident assessment instrument (RAI) that facilitates a personalized, optimal plan of care. The MDS and the RAI are tools to help administrative staff to identify the weakness of care and improve the overall quality of care. The author also has experience in website design because she designed websites with flash animation and picture modification. In additional to the website design, the author also has experience in webcasting because she hosted a few webinars to conduct virtual educational presentation. In additional to the weakness, the author also has many strengths as related to nursing informatics. The author

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