Kunduz By Talibans: A Critical Analysis

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The article I read that was associated with the SSR book I am reading in class will be talking about the recent takeover of the city Kunduz by the talibans. In this essay I will be answering a series of questions in paragraph form. These questions are who is the article about, who is being impacted, who is it about, what’s the big issue, when did the event take place, where is the event/issue occurring, why is it an important story, is it bias in any way, how does it relate to topics in our English class, and what’s your opinion on the issue? The first two questions I will be talking about are who are being impacted and who is it about. The main people who are being impacted are the taliban and the afghan. The Taliban are being impacted because they have successfully captured a very rich and strategic city called Kunduz by sending military train soldiers with a strategic plan to attack in the northern part of the city along with nine other parts of the city simultaneously. To say the least the afghan were surprised and were defeated in under a day. The afghan are being impacted because they were attacked by the taliban and had lost a very important city. The article is about the taliban overtaking the afghan controlled city of Kunduz.…show more content…
On the Taliban's point of view it is a very big victory because when they took over the city there was a jail that held a lot of taliban veterans and some of talibans best homemade bomb makers. While on the Afghan point of view it is a big issue because they just lost a very important city that can make it vulnerable to other attacks and though they are being helped by NATO and the U.S by air strikes they are still making little to no progress to getting the city back under their

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