Gender Representation In Mass Media

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Mass media, especially commercial advertising, widely dominates almost every technological medium in American society. With the large increase in technological consumption, members of society are continually barraged with commercials that perpetuate the dominant culture. Even though American society is considered diverse, commercials support the claim that its members are not well integrated. Careful viewing and analysis of five popular television channels, Nickelodeon, USA, Food Network, National Geographic, and NBC, expose that individuals with minority status of race, class, and gender are still disproportionally represented in commercials. Racial minorities are unequally represented in commercial advertising, especially Native and Arab Americans,…show more content…
Moreover, the male gender, of any racial status, still dominates representation in television commercials. Commercial’s portrayal of individuals is still largely based on stereotypes which support the dominant culture as well as instill the norms of American society. In regards to race and gender, television commercials continue to represent white male individuals as well as avoid particular racial minorities, ignoring their existence in American society. In regards to gender, the percentage of men depicted in television commercials supersedes the percentage of women represented. Out of the 538 total people observed from the five television channels, 55% were men and 45% were women. The relatively small difference between these two percentages could suggest improvement in the number of women represented in television commercials. However, 66 individuals on National Geographic were men in comparison to 36 women. National Geographic could be argued as a more male-oriented television channel, in comparison to a channel such as the Food Network, based on content and gender stereotypes. By looking

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