Personal Narrative: Label Yourself

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Label Yourself “Next!” is what I hear as I step in line to be evaluated by this bearded Northwestern coach at their football summer camp before my sophomore football season. My unfilled sophomore frame nervously steps on the scale with my back to a tape measurer and I step off weighing 165, standing at a lot under 6 feet. I then walk to the bleachers along with 500 other prospects as we wait to begin our evaluation as football players. I am very unsure of my abilities heading into this camp. All my coaches and teammates have never really thought of me as anything that far above average or anything special. I have not done anything special yet, but I am very young and feel like I am ahead for my age. Each drill that I do not excel at, each…show more content…
I think to myself I have made this tackle easily a million times but this time I don’t believe in myself and instead of wrapping up and driving a wide receiver to the ground I let the receiver knock me back and miss the tackle. The next year as my dad is driving me to the Northwestern football camp we talk about how the coaches look for elite prospects. He says “Well Spencer you probably will not gain the attention of any of these coaches so just go out there and have fun” I then think to myself, Is he right? Am I really just another kid who has paid for this camp just to have fun? I reply by saying “Are you sure Dad” he says “Yeah, all of these kids have been training for all their lives and have a true passion for the game and really know what they are doing out there”. After hearing this I run all of those things he just told through my head and think to myself that I qualify for them all. But I now second guess myself because of what my dad has said. So we get to Northwestern and I stare at all the other prospects and just try to guess how good they are. The first drill we go through is the box drill. In this drill there are 4 cones that shape a box and a coach points you in one direction after another to try

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