Asian American Culture Research Paper

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The article reviews the similarities and differences between White and Asian/Asian American cultures. Recently there are reports of culture and social support that has been focused on cultural similarities and differences between both groups. Identifying the similarities between cultures are evaluations of provisional research goals, messages, behaviors, ratings of support provision beliefs, attitudes, intentions, and seeking/receiving support. These intentions will give us a better understanding between White and Asian/Asian Americans. In the evaluation of comforting skills, women of both races took a stronger stance of each (emotional, esteem, network, informational, and tangible) type of support from their partners than men. They were exactly the same with an interest of the evaluations of emotional, tangible, and esteem support. There was some cultural disparity in the types of bonding, but that doesn’t really mean emotional support is less important for Asians than they do with Whites. It discredited the fact that…show more content…
Americans and Chinese held more favorable attitudes talking about emotions and giving advice on how to solve the problem rather than get the person’s mind off the problematic situation through positive actions. They felt greater social pressure and had stronger perceived behavioral control over giving advice than distracting attention. These findings are a good match for the previous research on how upsetting situations are interpreted and approached by people from different cultures. But more simply people across cultures favor approach-based support more than avoidance based

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