The Simpson Stereotypes

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People organize their knowledge about the world around them by shortening the information acknowledged. Personally I don’t think stereotypes help gain an understanding of the world. Stereotypes are statements that are classifying an induvial into a group which is truly wrong if everyone is considered different. Stereotypes are also being created by individuals who are ignorant towards a certain group. Why would stereotypes be useful if the person creating the stereotype has no experience with what their speaking. Stereotypes are just stories made up in their head that is constantly being manipulated my media and societies teachings. A famous philosopher Walter Lippmann once said “The only feeling that anyone can have…show more content…
An Italian philosopher and political theorist Gramsci’s had an idea called, ‘Hegemony’ which explained that people are structured by the media such as TV and even social media. The Simpsons contains a large number of audience that watch the show daily on Fox News. In the famous comedy The Simpson they have a character named Apu. Apu is enormously stereotyped. Apu acts the role of an Indian immigrant, who is portrayed as an outcast in the Simpsons society due to the fact he is the only one of a brown skin color and only one that has the noticeable Indian accent. This is one stereotype that is viewed by the youth and is viewed as comical. Due to the fact the younger crowd is watching the Simpsons it is expected that they would use what they viewed about Apu in the real world. The audience would believe this is an Indian lifestyle due to the fact they have little knowledge on…show more content…
In one study named Greena Davis Institute based on gender in the media they looked at 5,554 distinct speaking character in 122 family movies that were released in the years 2006 and 2009 .After viewing the movies the institute discovered that only 29.2 percent were female roles. Media creates this picture that all women need a man to reach success. Or the man is portrayed as a god that has all power. In the movie in the popular Twilight sequel it is shown that the character Bella is invisible and lives her life in the shadow of Jacob and Edward .Constantly in the movie Bella stands looking weak and useless. While Edward and Jacob tend to have a strong and masculine appearance. This strengthens the stereotype that men are meant to be really tough while, women are meant to be delicate. However, the image of a dependent women is slowly being erased. In a recent New York Times article named Sugar, Spice and Guts by A. O. Scott it gives example of how women are evolving. Many girls grow up going to see movie with princesses that find trouble and then has to wait for the male figure to save the day. However, in the Hunger Games the main character Katniss is changing this stereotype. Instead of waiting for some male to save her corrupted society she took a chance and did it herself. After viewing the movie it was a least likely chance the young girls would seek for a male to protect her, I believe they would get up knowing

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