Stereotypes In Society

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Picture a freshman boy with glasses, straight posture, and overalls walking down the hallway in his high school. There's no doubt that everyone in school will assume the boy is a nerd with straight As who has no friends because of his appearance. A second example would be a varsity cheerleader, everyone assumes that she is sassy, loud, and mean not knowing the person she truly is. Society often labels people with stereotypes even though they don’t take the time to actually get to know this person. Stereotypes often begin because of true or false information on certain individuals. A stereotype and misconception that is very common and has been carried for a while is that teenagers know it all and don’t need any help from adults. This group…show more content…
For the French the word was used for the people who worked in the letter printing business, which referred to a solid plate of metal casting. The term later acquired a new meaning, an image of a particular type of person or thing which conforms a stereotypical image. Stereotypes often begin because of a group certain people hang out with. Stereotypes are often learned because of people's parents and the way they were raised on how to see certain people. Another reason is because people often want to label people so that they can see themselves higher than that other person. Stereotypes can often have truth in them and they can also have false information in them which could lead to misconceptions. Misconceptions are formed from stereotypes that have false assumptions about the people. They are viewed as incorrect and based on untruths. For example in the article “About Men” by Gretel Ehrlich states, “If he ‘rides away into the sunset’ its because hes been been on a horseback since four in the morning moving cattle and he's trying, fifteen hours later, to get home to his family”(1). This demonstrates a misconception because cowboys don't head towards the sunset the way the movies portray it, they go straight home to their family. Moreover, this shows the views many have believed since they were small and are not always…show more content…
This can be proven by sources who were able to give an insight into their lives. Noelia Gutierrez, a senior at a local high school, mentioned, “I feel that the stereotype that teens can't live without social media was invented by old people who just aren't use to the amount of technology used in our current time. Social media is mostly used for entertainment, just like T.V. can be used for entertainment but it doesn't have carry the same stigma because social media is largely accessed through phones which are new, unlike T.V.S that have been around for 50 plus years. So basically it's bs, it's not that deep, we can go without social media and be fine maybe a little bored”. With Noeila’s perspective of this stereotype she summaries that the usage of technology was different from the other generations because they didn't have technology the way teens in this generation do. Along that she states that teens can live without technology knowing that without it their lives will be boring. Another person that was interviewed that can be used as a reference to go against the stereotype that teens can not show respect is David. David Gomez, a soccer player at a local high school, mentioned “I find it very displeasing when an adult of some high degree directly classifies young adults as being disrespectful just by appearance. Many teens show a tremendous amount of respect to everyone, especially when it comes to the older

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