Gender Stereotypes In Today's Society

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Do you think men and women will ever be set equal to each other in the future? Women struggle everyday in many different places and in many different ways to live up to detrimental standards. The media is a big contributor to women’s unequal expectations. Men of the same position as women tend to get payed a larger amount in many professions. [Also], women work just as hard at their jobs and come home to do all the housework, while men get leisure time after they come home. *Compared to men in today’s society, women are set to different and unfair standards involving their appearance, work, and home life.* Women in our society have higher appearance expectations than men. In the music and television industry, women are displayed having a specific body that young girls feel pressured to live up to, and young boys feel that’s what girls need to look like. Many popular songs have lyrics describing how a girl…show more content…
In television, movies, and music videos, many girls wear provocative clothing. Growing up seeing and hearing these things makes young people believe that is what’s normal and expected. An article by “Media and Inequality” states that, “Many music videos reinforce gender stereotypes...Within the music video Blurred Lines by Robin Thicke, the men are dressed professionally and appear dominant as they bluntly watch the females within the video run around in their skimpy outfits…” As this article describes the music video, it is just one of many examples of objectifying women in the media. [In addition], many young girls are under pressure to have that “perfect body” which can lead to starvation or excessive physical activity. [Another article], “Objectification of Women in Media”, says “Media content is dangerous especially for the youth in

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