Examples Of Racial Stereotypes In Society

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Addressing the Issue of Gender, Racial or Ethnic Stereotyping in our Everyday Life? To understand different examples of stereotypes, we should first consider what a stereotype is. Whenever people align races or individuals together and make a conclusion about them without a deliberate attempt to understand and know them; this is a typical example of a racial stereotype. Furthermore, racial, sexual, and gender remarks are the leading stereotypes in our daily lives and do exist in our society. However, one of the most prevalent stereotype examples in societies today is a stereotype regarding race. For instance, the comment that all colored people are good athletes is a stereotype. Although this comment may sound complimentary, but because it is grouping the race and everyone from that race together to indicate that…show more content…
Relatively, stereotypes of men and women are also common in society, which we called gender stereotype. For example, comments such as men are strong that is why they do all kinds of work, is a stereotype. Women are weaklings and not as energetic as men. Women cannot do as good of a hard work as their men’s counterpart. Girls are lazy when it comes to sports. Men are generally disorganized and unclean. Men often spend too much time on the computer that is what makes them geeks. These are all examples of gender, racial, and ethnic stereotyping that occur in our everyday life (Stereotype Examples, n,d). Explaining how stereotyping contributes to institutionalized discrimination? Institutionalized discrimination denotes the unfair, indirect treatment of certain members within a group. Usually, the biases are targeted to a specific, easily stereotyped attributes, such as gender, race, age, sexual orientation, and nationality as the case may be. Although the United States and other countries’ law prohibits any form of
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