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INTRODUCTION “ Individuals may strive for stability and security, societies may foster the illusion of permanence ; the quest for certainty may continue unabated and the belief in eternity persists unshaken; yet the fact remains that societies like all the phenomena, unremittingly and inevitably change ” --- Davis, 1959 The subject of women’s studies gaining much importance in social scientific research during recent times. Its basic objective is to collect information on women and to analyze their social position as well as changes, problems and prospects. The ultimate goal is to empower women in their struggle against inequality. The status of women varies from society to society due to differences in culture and tradition. Change is an…show more content…
Further, it can be said that tendency to change is fundamental in society and as a consequence a relative tension is noticeable in all societies. Every society can be said to be host two different kinds of forces – one that promotes changes and the other which strives to maintain the status quo. The former may be represented through stimulants and factors promoting change, and the latter through change inhibiting factors or barriers. Changed is viewed through time perspective. According to Maliknowski (1939), social change is process of reorganization on entirely new and specific lines. Social change refers to change in social structure. Organizational change (changes in the ways of doing things) involve some change in the quality of social relation and hence in social structure. In many human societies, the social relations, social institution and social structure are correlated. Every society is now in a process of transition. Growth of knowledge, urbanization, education and employment are some of the factors that lead to social change. The institution of family and the division of labour within, along with other elements in the broader social system have been effected by the processes of…show more content…
In spite of this, lately certain changes have occurred in the Muslim community regarding the role and position of Women. One of the factors in the improvement of the status of Women is education which is indispensible for playing many of the modern roles and thereby enables them to rise in status; it is also widens their cognitive map enables to compare their position in society vis-a-vis men. The main theme of this research is how changes have occurred in the activity pattern and position of Meo women. THEORETICAL PERSPECTIVE Social change is a widely discussed subject but its theoretical position remains controversial. Analytic descriptive studies of various social and cultural systems in India did engage the interests of the British and European scholar's right from the 18th century, but comparatively the studies about the processes of social change went on continually. The functionalist studies mainly focused on the analysis of social change. In fact some of the most discussed concept of social change in India is clearly oriented to the structural – functional method. The concept of social change finds a beginning in the writings of the British and Indian scholars following the last quarter of the 19th century. The concept and formulations got differentiated and a variety of approaches emerged. These approaches are classified into the following

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