Negative Stereotypes In Society

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Stereotyping an individual based off their skin tone, sex, or race because of the activities of one individual is not just a little disapproved of act, in any case, more often than not hostile also. Black women are labeled loud, angry, and ghetto by society, however society neglect to understand that this is false on the grounds that not every person is the same, regardless of whether we are the same race or if we have the same skin color. "Why are black women so angry?", "Black girls are to ghetto for me", "All black girls are loud." Many black women have heard these lines or something similar of the sort that is degrading black women just because of skin color. Society does not know much about a black women especially when they first meet…show more content…
Instead almost every show today portray black women as a loud, angry, and aggressive women: Rasputia in the movie Norbit; Cookie Lyon in the hit series Empire; Pam in the television show Martin; Yvette in Baby Boy; and plenty other entertainment television shows such as Love and Hiphop or Bad Girls Club. The media are a huge platform for spreading information. Whether the message or negative stereotype is spreading to adults, teens, or children through media it spreads and it spreads quickly, giving off a false and offensive interpretation to the audience. Instead of the media uplifting black women, the movies and shows today promote and generalize this stereotype. Studies indicate that negative racial stereotypes reinforced through media exposure unconsciously influence one’s interactions with the stereotyped group. (The Angry Black Women Must Die). Not only does "The Angry Black Women Must Die" article believe that negative stereotypes presented throughout the media affects younger black girls growing up by causing them to think that this type of attitude and activity is okay. In the book everything's an argument, chapter 23 "How Does Popular Culture Stereotype You?" states that "Research has shown that those exposed to false information in fictional stories are persuaded by it and that persuasion persist over time" (Appel & Richter, 2007). When people view characters in movies, television shows, or games acting a specific way they tend to become persuaded by it. The television shows and movies that are inclining towards the stereotype that all black women are angry and loud are making younger black girls think the action being depicted is all

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