Advantages And Disadvantages Of 3d Printers

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What is a 3D printer? Also known as Additive Manufacturing, 3D printers is a machine that creates solid objects. It can create everyday objects in a shorter period of time. This new invention may stop all traditional manufacturing and it will revolutionise how everyone lives their everyday lives. What Materials Are Used for 3D Printing? There are many different forms of materials that can be used to create 3D objects for different purposes. Plastics: There are four common plastics that are used for 3D printing. A strong, flexible and durable material such as Nylon is used in a powder form during the sintering process. It is a pale white colour but it can be colored. It is a very reliable for 3D printers. Nylon also has the ability to be combined…show more content…
Firstly, Stainless Steel; it is turned into a powder form and is naturally silver. The strongest possible metal material is Titanium which has a light grey colour. What is Biofabrication? Biofabrication is the production of tissues and organs to cope with health difficulties. Scientists can regrow many types of human tissues using a 3D printer. In the future we will be able to transplant human organs and tissues that have been severely damaged through injury or an illness. We will no longer have the issue of people not providing organs for transplants. Our lives will revolutionize medical…show more content…
Fused Deposition Modelling builds an object layer by layer from the bottom. Special software cuts the CAD model into layers and it is sent to the printer. It heats thermoplastic filament till it’s melting point. It is then extruded through the nozzlel onto the base long a calculated path. When the thin layers binds to the layer beneath it, it will immediately cool down and hardens. Once a layer is finished the base will be lowered to start the next layer. This process is much slower than Stereolithography and a professional printer can cost up to

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