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Prologue: Describe the arrival of the first Europeans to the Congo. The arrival of the first Europeans to the Congo was in the year 1491, the ManiKongo greeted the first Europeans the Portuguese warmly.As soon as the Europeans arrived they started to build their own churches and mission schools (Hoschschild 8-9). Chapter 1: Who were Stanley and Livingstone? David Livingstone was a prospector, physician, explorer, missionary to the British he was a hero .He went on an exploration in 1866 in search of slave traders he then never returned. John Rowland also know as Henry Morton Stanley was one of the most famous explorers. He created journal entries about shipwrecks and adventures that never happened , he was asked by a publisher…show more content…
The “Heart Of Darkness” is about a man who’s name is Marlow worked for an ivory –trading company, while on the river with Mr.Kurts the agent dies on the steamboat. Marlow working for the ivory- trading company sees the men which are working for king Leopold’s railroad dying he sees what the European men are doing to the natives.” Body of middle aged negro, with a bullet whole in the forehead”. This is important to the History for the Africans because the book explains the torture that the Africans have been through and what the Belgians did to them.(Hochschild 142-146) Chapter 10: Why was rubber important? Describe how the Natives were “compelled” to get the…show more content…
The amount of profit King Leopold received from having the Congo is 220 million francs.(Hochschild 277) Chapter 19: Describe the museum in Belgium. What is missing? The museum was built by King Leopold, its one of the largest collection of African culture , it shows the wild animals from the Congo, has films, African clothing. It presents the names of the pioneers and missionaries who died in the Congo, but the museum excluded what happened in the Congo such as the killings and slavery .(Hochschild 292-293) Chapter 19: Who is Patrice Lumumba? Patrice Lumumba was the Congo’s first prime minister after it’s independence. Lumumba held speeches and declared that Africa shouldn’t have to be included with anything in Europe or its economy, the Europeans already had invested so much money into the Congo, after that in 1961 Lumumba was secretly shot. ( Hochschild

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