Dr King Unjust Letter

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Dr. King’s letter was very profound. It was a little difficult for me to read due to his diction and how he formed his sentences but overall I was genuinely intrigued. There were certain parts that really grasped my attention, such as when he was speaking of just and unjust laws. He explained that breaking “unjust laws” was different from breaking “just laws”. Prior to reading Dr. King’s letter I had never actually thought about the fact that people of color were actually breaking laws and engaging in “illegal” acts. That is exactly what happened though. But Dr. King explains in his letter that people have a “moral responsibility to follow just laws and disobey unjust laws”. He quotes St. Augustine and says he agrees with him that “an unjust law is no law at all”. I agree with that…show more content…
Another point that caught my attention was that people criticized Dr. King’s protests as “unwise and untimely”. Is there ever really a good time for ultimately a revolution? Granted he postponed it a few times but it still occurred. I think when people called them untimely that they just didn’t want the protests to occur at all, they weren’t prepared to have the presence of African Americans forced down their throats through marches and sit ins. I believe that the oppressive whites in this era just wanted to keep blacks in the background and keep them silent, but Dr. King wasn’t satisfied with just being in the background. The part in the letter where he speaks about black people not getting the same respect through titles and names really stuck out to me. Growing up I have been taught that our names have power and so do our words. When someone calls you out of your name in a derogatory way it affects your mindset and if it occurs often enough it affects your self-esteem and how you see your entire race when it comes to being called “nigger” and
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