Sofia Vergara's 'The New Skinny Can' Campaign

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Actress, Sofia Vergara, is well known for her role as the mischievous wife in the critically acclaimed comedy, Modern Family. Her slim figure, long brown hair, and Hollywood success make Sofia Vergara the ideal sponsor for Pepsi Cola and Westernized feminine beauty. In 2011, Pepsi released “The New Skinny Can” campaign, which features a diet Pepsi can in the shape of a slim, toned down body. The phrase “new” is a popular technique used to exploit the latest, most innovative product. Ironically, Pepsi is encouraging young women to drink diet pop in order to achieve unattainable goals of beauty. Evidently, this proves to be an inconsistent marketing strategy, considering that this only pertains to one half of their demographic. Furthermore,…show more content…
The chorus sings: “Pretty, pretty please, if you ever, ever feel like you’re nothing you’re f**king perfect to me.” Rather than internalize an ideal of thinness, she emphasizes the beauty we all share on the inside. The young woman lye’s awake in bed staring at her teddy bear, a symbol of innocence, youth, and femininity. Note the bear is detached from her, just as she is from herself and the world surrounding her. The lyrics: “mistreated, misplaced, misunderstood” reflect a damaged self-worth. When the boy threw the young girls teddy bear, he destroyed a positive self-schema she formed earlier. She then lashes back at the boy and the teacher disciplines her. In this instance, the teacher neglected to see her as a victim thereby reinforcing notions of abandonment. Later, feelings of being misunderstood reappear while the teenager is fighting with her mother. The conflict between parent and child is another key stressor for developing an eating disorder. Women are at a higher risk of developing an obsessive personality if they are raised in a highly controlled, isolated environment. Therefore, individuals who have a limited range and depth of experience will have fewer opportunities to develop positive schemas (Stein,

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