Image Manipulation In Saudi Arabia

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1. Introduction In the past, other countries had a common stereotype about Saudi Arabia, which was either living rich or desert people. Nowadays Saudi Arabia has a vision of 2030 for its future, that will definitely change the Saudi stereotypes in the world. While graphic design is a wide field it will be the way that helps to change the stereotype. Image manipulation is a creative technique that has taken an interest in the field of graphic design, it is about creating a new and different image of ordinary existing images. 2. Image manipulation Image manipulation is a creative technique that has taken a wide interest in the field of graphic design. Image manipulating is not only about enhancing images, it is a huge technique that artist…show more content…
Manipulation is about creating creative images of an imaginary vision and it is influencing the audience by its inspiration and passions for its ideas and techniques. However, my personal experience in the purpose of image manipulation has prompted that most of the time it is about entertainment, advertising, and exploring new ideas. Other studies have concluded that the main aim of image manipulation is to produce special effects on images and improve the efficiency of images idea also to change the reflection of a regular image into the real point of the manipulation behind…show more content…
King, Salman Bin Abdul-Aziz Al-Saud stated '' My primary goal is to be an exemplary and leading nation in all aspects, and I will work with you in achieving their endeavor ''. Saudi vision will broadly focus on Saudis roots and society to promote a future proper with the Islamic Arabs world. Vision 2030 goals and directions are published with a certain plan to follow up. The vision of Saudi is based on strong pillars, being in the middle of the Islamic world and having the Holy Mosques and Qibla that all Muslims direct to in prying, this place makes Saudi Arabia an epicenter of trade and the gateway to the world. Saudi has investment capabilities, it is a global investment powerhouse because of its natural resources such as, oil, gold, phosphate, and many other minerals that found in Saudi lands. The vision website stated that Saudi real wealth is its people ambition and potential of its younger generation and how Saudi people will amaze the world

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