Summary: The Benefits Of Sentencing

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In all of the articles it seemed the main focus was on retribution and desserts for the most part. These were the two main points because in our correction system we see both parties’ sway each direction. Whether it’s the vengeful retribution of an act on someone for what they did or the lenient or non-lenient sentencing they get in return for the acts they have committed. For example Jacob ungerer’s article was talking about how mentally unsound people are or have been committed to prisons where they are unfit for. There sentencing may reflect this because there’s may differ from another person who committed the same crime because of fairness in the system in giving you what you deserve but only proportionally to the problem. In this case the mental disability should be taken into thought in his sentencing…show more content…
Prison just made them serve their time, didn’t give them major benefits to help rehabilitate themselves into society and function positively. In fact, they thought prison made it harder for them to come back into society because of the labels and struggles that come with being a prison inmate and or offender. Some believe this to be a moral outrage because it dehumanizes the inmates so we don’t feel bad when handing out sentences and making them serve them. We see them as criminals getting what they deserve and dehumanizing them is okay to us, when in reality it’s a moral outrage, but its what we see as working in the system. It is also considered a strict process to keep inmates in line, some positive aspects of the just desserts program is how it can have a healing process by being able to choose whether you punish your punisher and forgive them for what they did to the victim. All these factors we can contribute to the overall outcome of prisoners and how it affects them coming back to the real
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