Stereotype Analysis

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Most of what the women talk about in the clip are stereotype about how north and south are different. I find myself agreeing to majority of the stereotypes they talked about. One of the women in the clip gave an example of how northerners are different from southerners. In most cases when a northerners meet a new person they say nice to see without any warming impression, but a true southerner would normally tell a person nice to meet you in a nice tone that would make you feel at home. I disagree with the statement that says the way people talk and write reflect an individual intelligence quotient. The way a person talk and write does not determine their education level nor their intelligence quotient. I know many people who post stupid contents on social media, and sometimes behave uneducated when they are around their friends and family but they are one of the smartest people you can ever meet. For example, when they communicate with their friends and family they use slangs, abbreviations, and regional dialects. I have a friend who post always post unintelligent materials on social media like Facebook, but when he is in class he is a different person. He finished top ten percent of the graduating class of 2015, and…show more content…
Sometimes when I am talking to my friends and family I use informal terms to communicate. For example, when I post or tweet something on social media on Facebook or twitter I use informal styles like slangs and dialect to make a point. I write this way because I know I am communicating to an audience that I know personally. When I am writing a professional paper or report that I have to submit to an audience like a scholarship or an admission committee that I do not personally know I use a formal tone because I the reader to respect my ideas and enjoy reading my work and give me something in return like a scholarship, an approval on a job proposal, a grade or even an admission to a
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