What Role Should Individuals Have In Helping Create A Just Society?

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A corporation works together for a common end goal; to make returns for people who own the business. Although that may be the goal, it is not always the case. The bottom line in a corporation is to make as much profit as possible. With that being said, what role ought individuals (in businesses) have in helping create a just society? The people in power (CEO's) have a moral responsibility for their actions and each make decisions differently. In the Volkswagen article, the EPA can test emissions which revealed the Volkswagen diesel car dumped ten times the emissions that were stated by Volkswagen. Essentially, the EPA makes pollution control regulations and Volkswagen put in defeat devices to shut it down. There are no laws in place to hold individuals accountable and it comes down…show more content…
For example, the idea that would shareholders prefer a nice CEO or money in their pockets? Most would choose money in their pockets. Corporations generate great wealth for the stakeholders but that also create a hidden harm for future generations because there is no law in place to motivate corporations to protect the environment or hold individuals accountable for their actions. Corporations often have a reckless disregard for safety. The film presented the idea that if you take a gun and kill someone it is illegal but if you use chemicals that are also known to kill you it is okay and there are no repercussions. I do not agree with the idea that corporations are only in it for the profit. Or that business is business and nothing else matters as long as there is profit being made. Corporations should have the interest of the stakeholders in mind when designing the corporation and they should also take precautions to protect the environment. That is not to say all corporations need to be 100% green because that is not realistic, but they need to be accountable for their actions when warning signs
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