Alice Morgan's Representation Of Women In The Media

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Over the last 40 years, the representation of women in the media has changed. In the past women were often seen as the ‘damsel in distress’ or the ‘prize’ for the main male protagonist however over the years women have gradually progressed from being seen as weak and helpless to being strong leading characters in the media - this change reflects on how women have also gained more authority and respect in society. Originally, before the 1960s, women represented in the media all had similar characteristics, whether they were portrayed in advertisements or TV broadcasting. Women were often seen as the weaker of the sexes, beautiful and emotional rather than intellectual and independent, more of a prop or object than an active character in a story. These are examples of common stereotypes for women. From the 1960s onwards feminism started a movement benefitting women by helping them challenge the stereotypical gender roles in hopes of gaining gender equality. This movement, ‘Women’s Liberation Movement’, started in the United States before spreading to other countries and fought for social equality for women and believed changing the way women were represented in the media would lead to having a…show more content…
She continues to show signs of shock and fragility both falling into the typical way you’d imagine a women to react in the situation wheres she’s witnessed a murder however the second part of the interrogation Alice Morgan becomes atypical. Like a switch she changes from the weak little girl to being arrogant and proud because she is the murderer. Immediately she breaks all the stereotypes of women portrayed in the media, she comes off now as cynical and calculating, manipulative and extremely clever. Alice Morgan is one of my favourite characters because of how atypical she is, she does not fit into the category of ‘damsel in distress’ but into the one of evil

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