Social Categorization

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People categorize some situtions, events, people in order to overcome the chaos. During the categorization, it is being created ‘me’ while the concept of ‘others’ are constructed. The concept of ‘others’ causes to be built impenetrable walls between societies and cultures. It refers to the prejudice and stereotyping in socities. These are biases that work together to built and create social inequality. The ‘others’ define not only to different nationalities, but also to any group of people percieved as different religion, traditional approach, gender, age. Social categorization, racial segregation and cultural discirimination are the reasons behind biased perception related to culturally defined stereotypes of other people. The social categorization has been a factor in stereotype and prejudice since begining of the world. People classify each other in societies like rich and poor or white and black or in the simplest term is man and woman. Initially, people have social identities in socities and these social…show more content…
The first impression is the most important thing for some people because they judge the person according to their external appearance, race, skin color and physical features. Some people also put status to people like poor and rich or black and white. For these people, racial segregation is an attitude that their race is more value than others. According to Schnieder (2005), ‘’It is true that some genetic traits differ somewhat from one racial group to another (although there is typically greater within-group than between-group variability), but physical appearance is not generally one of them’’ (p.453). Thus, we can point out to quote from Schnieder that although there are different genetic feature between one racial group to another, all of us have same physical appearance but this mean that all of us are
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