Analysis Of Sherman Alexie's Novel 'The Absolutely True Diary Of A Part-Time Indian'

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Over the course of a novel, it is inevitable that characters will encounter battles, and more often than not will have to take them on face to face. The battle is either literal, and involves two sides fighting against each other, or figurative in which two sides aren’t physically fighting, but rather in competition for something intangible, and in a sense is metaphorical. These battles are often the main conflicts in the story or for characters in the story, that stem from the greed of one group or side. In other cases, the battles result from characters trying to be something much larger than they ever will be. The battles most often result in a gain of knowledge and wisdom among the characters that were involved. Others gain a newfound sense of hope and belief that they are in fact capable of doing things they never imagined…show more content…
In Sherman Alexie’s novel The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian, the main character, Junior, takes part in a physical battle between the whites and the indians at school, and a both a figurative battle and a literal battle between himself and the other indians on his reservation as he tries to separate himself from them through his aspirations to succeed. The experiences of Junior are important to the work as a whole as they ultimately give the perfect example of an underdog story, and can be a source of inspiration and motivation for the readers. Junior’s literal battle between the Indians and the whites began when he started to attend Reardan, the all-white school. At Wellpinit, his old and principally Indian school Junior was one of many, and blended in. On the contrary, at Reardan, Junior stood out like a sore thumb. At his old school he was one of many, and at Reardan he was one of a kind. His first impressions when entering the school

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