Examples Of Archetypes In King Lear

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Archetypes or in other words, a “typical example” surround us in our everyday experience, with our environments, and connections we make with people, and the significant things we see around us that may or may not be connected with our lives at all. They make us “average” humans in the world, but we all see archetypes through vague invisible glasses that surround our minds and make us perceive what we believe, and conjure it into the real world. Even if the real world revolved around entertainment. Movies, novels, poems, television, music videos, stories, and our imaginations all have an archetypical skeleton. Each of the bones represents a different archetype, and because archetypes can be bad, good or neither, all the bones are the same shade…show more content…
The skeleton is manipulated into different ways of visualization which are expressed through an authors, or directors mind and point of view. Good Versus Evil: It represents the clash of forces that represent goodness with those that represent evil. Examples of this archetype are in famous literary works like Shakespeare’s “King Lear”. The “leader” of these plots have their own views on different archetypes so they express various archetypes differently, then what another person would do. People inherit the same archetypal forms, but each of us fills in the content, by the way, we experience our lives. A “Father Figure” might be a positive archetype towards one person, but it might be filled with negative aspects to another person. Creative people can use archetypes to their advantage to create beautiful, meaningful stories, with obvious, and underlying archetypes which have a higher meaning than what is shown to the naked eye. The fish inside of the movie Big Fish, represents divine creation and life, which conveys how Edward Bloom brought life to everyone who he came in contact

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