Statement Of Purpose In Life

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INTRODUCTION Hi, Julia Zajak is my name, you can just call me Julia. I am a NLP Practioner, Intuitive Reader, Spirituality Coach, Relationship Coach, Certified Life Coach, and also entrepreneur; Workshop Facilitator, Speaker, Business Consultant and more essentially Woman on Mission. My chilhood story begins... I was so responsible and mature child. My feeling always was that I had some important mission on this planet. That thought was intensely engraved in my mind. I used to ask myself these questions ”What is my purpose in life?”, ”What is my destiny?” In my adulthood, I was always creating wealth, fully focused on making money, and entrepreneurial. I am a master’s degree holder in Economics and Business Management. In many countries and places, I started and managed a business during my professional career. In United Arab Emirates where I call home and live, I assisted thousands of people to launch their businesses. I trusted people who were not worth it, I also lost all that i had and it was a real depression; I could not work at all, lost faith in myself and felt helpless. Though at long last there was achievement in business success, I felt that my life was without any sense and empty.…show more content…
She alleged that my destiny and vocation is accurately similar like she had: to assist people as an intuitive life coach. Everything turned out to be clear to me then I understood that ups and downs at times very hurt-breaking and life changing experiences, and all my business ventures were necessary to become a woman who can assist people to discover their inner beauty and full potential and find fulfilment, and to be a person who I am at the moment. My journey started then; To do what I actually want to do and stop the opportunity was a mindful decision that I made: Living and Loving

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