Statement Of Ambitions And Life Purposes

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To begin with, this essay on the Statement of Ambitions and Life Purposes, I will be discussing how my experiences in the Boy Scouts will help me in the future. Also I intend to give back to the Scouting community once I earn my Eagle Scout award. Out of all the things I learned throughout my scouting career is the mindset on how leadership works and what it means to be a good leader and how people can trust you as a leader. From first serving as an assistant patrol leader and as a patrol leader; then as a scribe, chaplain aide, assistant senior patrol leader, and lastly as the current senior patrol leader; I have skills that I would not have otherwise. I believe with those points of leadership that I served throughout my scouting career will serve me well in the future with the rest of my scouting career and life itself.…show more content…
Later on as I serve as the assistant scout master, I want to my services to troop by helping the scouts with their ranks and help them grow. I also want to help the scouts that are interested in serving a leadership role in the troop and train them in that position so one day, they’ll be able to help other scouts with what they learned through their terms of leadership. I want to be able to participate more the in the administration of the Troop, which includes the leadership of Scoutmaster and lastly serving in the Board for the
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