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During the period between 1870-1900 which is also called the Gilded Age, Americans experienced dramatic changes in their everyday lives, from the clothes they wore and food they ate to their opportunities for recreation. One of the main reason was the massive influx of European immigrants to achieve an American dream for a better life. Due to industrialization, America moved to the city. The sudden influx of millions of poor immigrants led to the formation of slums in U.S. cities. These new city dwellers lived in tenement buildings, often with entire families living together in tiny one-room apartments and sharing a single bathroom with other families on the floor. Tenements generally were filthy, poorly ventilated, and poorly lit, making…show more content…
The partisan category included those men in either the Republican or Democratic Parties. The voluntarism category was made up of a variety of women’s organizations, labor unions, and farmer’s groups. The movement to suppress alcohol was reborn in 1873-1874 as the Woman’s Christian Temperance Union. By 1890 it had 150,000 adult members and another 50,000 members in its young women’s auxiliary. It was the largest women’s protest movement in American history up to that time. By the turn of the century Americans had become comfortable with the notion that government should actively regulate the currency and protect American commerce and workers from foreign competition. They hesitantly accepted that government should also regulate interstate commerce and restrain the powers of monopolies. These issues and civil service reform dominated party politics. There are two standard themes in the political history of the late nineteenth century. One theme derides the era for its corruption and favoritism. The other heralds the era of limited government and unregulated markets. Both characterizations are accurate to an extent. Government in the late nineteenth century was changing. It was in the process of becoming more centralized and becoming more regulatory. The industrialization of the economy as well as the changes that it brought with it caused many Americans to look for alternate explanations for and solutions to Americans’

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