Healthcare Mission Statement Analysis

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All the organizations need a clear vision to see where there business is going. They need to know what their purpose of running their organization is and in which direction are they heading. A mission statement can be said as the perfect example of how to develop new business principle, behavior actions and values. A mission statement can be said as the foundation to help the business houses create a culture that is a important part of their overall idea. Mission statement helps to focus on the organization basic needs and well as to their stakeholders. Mission statements are important to all types of organization whether they are public, private, not for profit organization, family owned businesses etc. they guide the main day to day activities and binds the organizations…show more content…
Growing pressure of patients, financial pressures, patient safety and quality improvements all the things are to be kept in mind while operating a health care organization. Thus it becomes necessary to develop mission statements which cover all the areas and also increasing ethics and culture. There are many departments in a health care organization which needs to be coordinated with each other. The mission statements clearly tell the role of each department and how they should be properly managed with honesty and reliable devotion so as to achieve the set ethical standards of the hospital. Mission statement provide proper motivate to the people as they know what their work in the hospital are. In the case of hospitals a small mistake also can cost someone life. So developing them with concentration and lot of time is necessary in case of health care. The health care executives develop the mission statements keeping in mid their ethics which are related through decisions, practices and laws. They make policies and procedures and include them in their mission statements for betterment of both their patients and staff. Strategic planning plays a very important part in developing mission

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