The French Press: The Coffee Drinking Process

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The French Press is the favorite coffee brewing process used instead of the regular coffee brewing methods; it can also be referred to as “Press pot”. The French Press is the best method to prepare a tasty creamy cup of coffee. The French press preparation process involves a portable brewing method: Firstly, you need to pour warm water into a coarsely crushed coffee for about 180 seconds, you press it down and dish the drink. It is just as simple as that, this guide will explain the whole process of grinding, water temperature, the time taken and steps on how to overcome the problem of the brewing process. 1. The amount of Coffee Is it ideal to use volume or weight? The weighing formula will give you the precise results compared to volume,…show more content…
When examining the average ratio, it came out to be 15.5:1. This implies that 15.5grams of water is used for 1 gram of coffee. The ratio is different, but the fact remains the same that French Press coffee can taste good when you use different measuring ratio. Also, accuracy is not necessary compared to other brewing methods. Measurement using Volume The volume measurement involves the use of a single tablespoon of coffee for four liquid ounces of water. Some of the stronger recipes recommend one tablespoon of coffee for every 3 ounces, you can improve the content of your coffee to your desired flavor. 2. Crush the Coffee and Heat Water Grind the coffee to coarse particles for the French Press method, while you wait for the water to heat…show more content…
Some things to consider: A weak taste of Coffee: This is because the ground coffee is too coarse. You can grind the coffee to finer particles. Do not forget to allow the coffee to settle for 3 to 4 minutes. A bitter taste of Coffee: This may happen when the coffee is ground into finer particles, you need to use a coarse grind next time. If you dark roast the coffee, ensure that the coffee remains fresh and reduce the brewing temperature to about 195 F. A Strong Taste of Coffee: Allow it to settle for 3 minutes. Make sure your brewed coffee doesn’t stay in the press, move the hot coffee from the press to a thermos for example, or brew just the amount you need. If you are used to drinking the drip Coffee, you must be aware that the French press coffee will taste stronger. Solid/sandy Residue: The filter causes this, if the filter does not fit well on the glass of the press, the coffee residue will escape to the upper chamber. If the filter is damaged, you can always replace

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