Starbucks Supply Chain Analysis

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The supply chain management at Starbucks in a nut-shell could be defined as, the flow of goods and services from the suppliers to the customers. It includes receiving and storing of the raw materials, processing them and movement of the finished goods from the point of origin to the point of consumption. The supply chain of Starbucks is widespread and is spanned across almost twenty countries. It could be better explained when you consider two of the many products that are required to produce a Starbucks coffee, Coco bean and milk. These two products can come from two entirely different nations that could be miles away, such is the global resource span of Starbucks and this has helped them globalize with more ease than ever before.…show more content…
Though this number sounds very less for such an incredibaly large company like Starbucks, the centralized system makes it to be very effective. The roasting plants makes sure that the beans produced are uniform and are all packed in the same way and quickly through a series of well defined processes. These packed goods are then stored at the Warehouses and later on sent to the Distribution Centers from where it is delivered to the Retailers. Green Supply Chain Starbucks owns about 2200 stores in North America, that controls its own wastes collected, using one or few of these materials recycled items are made. They have always encouraged recycling, in cities where the most part of recycling has to be done from the customer side. They also help farmers prevent deforestration, by providing them with incentives. A company like Starbucks has a long way to go to meet its goals, but in reality goals like theirs may take time, coordination, patience and effort. Material Flow Since not much of coffee is grown at the United States, the production and delivery of it is an international…show more content…
The material flow of Starbucks starts from, purchasing of green coffee to the unloading the containers at their destinations, from roasting and packaging the coffee beans to brewing and serving it to the customers. Purchasing coffee beans from the point of origin  Starbucks installed GPS tracking devices on some coffee shipments to monitor their progress from farm regions to shipping areas, ensuring that the shipment has not been stolen or tampered.  Starbucks is more concerned about the quality control procedures, the coffee is inspected at various levels, sampled and tested many times to ensure that what arrives in stores is the same coffee that buyers found at the point of origin.  Starbucks coffee buyers have to travel the world in search of the best coffees available, even in regions where economic and political issues can create problems for travellers.  After the coffee is roasted, it is moved to the warehouse where it is stored until required by the production schedule. The coffee is sampled, roasted and packaged to make sure it is the same coffee that was

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