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Hans Ong - Individual Essay Assignment When designing an advertisement for any product, a marketer has to contend with multiple factors; from designing the ad so that it is easily comprehensible while still pushing the product, making sure the ad is visually pleasing, ensuring the ad suits the target audience well such that it fits their cultural tastes, making sure it stands out from the competition, and more! It seems then that designing an advertisement is an extremely delicate process, given that different markets have different cultures. The first ad we will be examining comes to us courtesy of Ford USA. Released via YouTube (https://youtu.be/OW60y2x3x0w), this ad, entitled The All-New 2019 Ford Mustang BULLITT: BULLITT is Back,…show more content…
The campaign was a runaway success due to Japan having an extremely small population of Christians. In effect, there was little in the way of established Christmas practices present within the country. Through essentially making the statement that during Christmas time, you eat KFC Chicken, KFC was able to create a cultural phenomenon. During the holiday season, the Japanese public have to order their KFC buckets weeks in advance in order to secure one, lest they risk waiting in line for hours! KFC has essentially appealed to a sense of belonging with this advertisement further reinforcing the same idea put forth back in 1970. It further drives home the notion that Christmas is a time for KFC. As a result, KFC is no longer just a fast food chain available in Japan, but a vehicle through which millions of Japanese families can bond together during Christmas over a shared meal. The original advertisement back in 1970 was truly perfectly timed, with it existing in a vacuum. The Japanese public had no idea how Christmas ought to be. KFC essentially exported and transformed a holiday celebrated all over the world, and commercialized it. Putting their own spin on a holiday and making it truly unique to the Japanese market. By now, it’s not so much a cultural phenomenon so much as it is a cultural norm,…show more content…
One can even go a step further, stating that the ad stereotypes the Chinese public as being extremely determined at achieving their goals (stereotype of a hardworking Chinese citizen). The ad also features elements unique to the Chinese cultural landscape. For instance, in order to enter a college in China, all students must undergo a singular test that determines what schools they will be eligible for. This test is dreaded by many a student in China, as it truly has lifelong implications. Xiaomi has essentially marketed their product in coordination with a certain lifestyle that fits the Chinese demographic. Namely, the hardworking young citizen who works hard at achieving their goals no matter how impossible it may be. As a result, this ad appeals to multiple things, from joy, freedom, success,love, and more. One unique thing about this ad is that it can have a different appeal per viewer. While some may empathize with the characters featured in the ad, it is also possible for other viewers of the ad to “self-insert”, and visualize himself/herself struggling towards his/her own unique goals in

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