Cultural Intelligence Assignment

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Cultural intelligence refers to an ability of a person in understanding its own culture and culture of others, adding how a person adjusts its own behavior when interacting with individuals of different cultural background (Thomas and Inkson 2009). The ability to adapting new cultural situation with cultural knowledge and sensitivity to different contexts is one of the crucial parts in Cultural Intelligence. During my studies in UK, I have a cultural conflict with Benson which is my group member for an assignment. Benson and I can’t communicate well due to the dissimilar cultural background and both of us having a different perspective on that assignment during conducting the assignment. When come into conducting the assignment, I am the people…show more content…
My group member in Malaysia is having this habit while conducting the assignment, that why I think there is no problem to do so when I am in UK as well. According to Langer (1989), the characteristics of mindlessness is trapped by categories, automatic behavior and acting from a single perspective. After mindlessness comes in, I practice the same behavior in UK, because it’s already become my automatic behavior and I thought Benson can adapt to my culture with following my way to do it. I do not concern how Benson feels since I am confident that I able to finish the assignment before deadline and assure the way I conduct assignment is correct. Besides that, I realize that I am lacking of mindfulness where I portraits a habits of to do the assignment in my own way and acting from my own perspective without consider about Benson’s perspective. Therefore, my behavior is reflecting from my cultural background and the lack of mindfulness, so the conflict is occurs when conduct assignment in UK with…show more content…
At first, cultural knowledge is a very crucial part that allows me to understand the cultural differences of Benson. Since Benson is a Monochronic people, alertness to distinction is crucial where need to understand the cultural differences from Benson. After that find out how his behavior on that cultural, which he is a take time commitment seriously person so he will behave like very concern about the progress of the assignment. Secondly, Mindfulness needs to be practice which is openness to accept new culture and aware on multiple perspectives, where to understand Benson’s feeling and get into the situation that Benson facing. After that keep pay attention on Benson’s behavior to understand well why Benson behaves that way. Thirdly, with the cultural knowledge and mindfulness, Intercultural skills have to be developed that enables me to communicate well with Benson. Next, Benson’s Culture needs to be adapted by using the appropriate behavior that suitable for the situation. In that situation, have attempted to follow the way that Benson conducts his assignment which needed to update the progress and stay in progress to prevent late submission of the assignment. This not only will fasten the process but also to have more time to do amendment

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