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The Ghetto Effect and the Urban Traumatic Stress Syndrome (UTSS) {WARNING CONTENTS MAY CAUSE EMOTIONAL DRAMA} This book is not based upon scientific research and study. Nor is it based upon someone who has spent his or her life in academia. I am just your average American Joe who has been blessed to see every aspect of American society first hand. This book is not intended to appease anyone. If it causes you to find hate in your heart or want to run out and change things. Then this is good, for you should feel something when reading its contents. The root cause of the Ghetto Effect is government, which dictates the very essence of it with industrial will. It is in effect the very essence of what ills America today. It’s the thing that no one wants to admit is causing harm through moral and ethical decay. The ghetto is no longer based on the color of ones skin, but economics and percentage of criminals in a specific area. Since the year 2000, when the Mayor of New York decided to get tough on crime, and all other major cities followed. His heart was in the…show more content…
Then how much more traumatized are these people living in these urban jungles traumatized? If everyday you left your house. A policeman threw you to the ground or placed you against a wall, or police car and searched you. How long would you stand for it, before you would not want to cooperate any longer? If everyone you know including mother, father, sister, brother, aunts, and uncles were beaten, killed, falsely accused, and placed in a cage like an animal. How long would it take before you would rebel against such an aggressor? Would it take days, weeks, years, decades, or generations before you did something? It’s even harder when you don’t have the knowledge, skills or the ability to do so. There are so many organizations that have so many programs to help the individual problem, but not to address the root cause of the

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