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Photography: the adventure starts home Photography is mostly presented as an outdoor activity. Let me take you on a different voyage, inwards, discovering how to create your photography space within your home. For when you’ve to stay home or if you always stay home. The subject of photography indoors has always interested me and excited my curiosity. No, I am not speaking of studio photography, although that does mean a way to spend many hours indoors, either for passion or because you’re a professional photographer doing studio work. I am talking about discovering what you can photograph at home. I know that, if you’re like many people I talk to, you’ve just thought: “but there is nothing to photograph at home”. If you just said or imagined…show more content…
Now that you understand that there may be some sense in what I am trying to explain, let’s move further. Why am I so interested in photographing at home? Well, first because I always find there is so much you can create indoors, second because it is a terrific boot camp to explore light and understand how it works, and that experience can be taken outdoors to multiple types of photography. Last but not least, understanding that photography doesn’t end if I stay at home is an important aspect for me, when I think about the…show more content…
I sincerely believe that part of the reason why I keep “young” – as some people tell me - has to do with the excitement I feel for photography, and I don’t want to give that up simply because my legs and body don’t want to carry me on the same adventures I had in my twenties or even today. Photography helps my imagination to run wild and free, even if I sit down by a table, playing with tabletop photography. This is no empty talk, something I say because it sounds good, I really mean it, because I spend hours playing with a variety of subjects and never get tired of exploring what light does to them. Each time I return, time flies for

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