Wind Turbines Advantages And Disadvantages

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Camryn Weis Mrs. Shepherd English III 18 January 2017 Wind Farms Each of the largest wind turbines generate enough electricity to power 600 United States homes, which is why wind farms are the fastest growing energy source in the world (“Cost of Wind Energy in the U.S”). Many controversies are occurring today in our society about whether the benefits of wind turbines outweigh the cons. Although some disadvantages come with having wind turbines, it is quite clear that there are more advantages with having a society with them. Wind turbines forming wind farms are cost efficient, a great source of energy, and a clean fuel source (“Advantages and Challenges of Wind Energy”). One tremendous benefit of wind power is that it is cost efficient.…show more content…
This itself is one of the most key benefits a wind turbine includes. Wind energy does not cause pollution in the environment like other energy sources do (“Advantages and Challenges of Wind Energy”). Compare a power plant to a wind turbine. The power plant would produce harm to the environment because of the pollution it creates, causing harm to human health and to local wildlife. The only way for a wind turbine to cause harm to local wildlife world be if the blades struck and animal such as a bird (“Advantages and Challenges of Wind Energy”). Wind turbines will cause aesthetic pollution, but not a real harm to the environment like other energy sources do. Also, wind energy does not cause an atmospheric outflow that causes harmful effects such as acid rain, smog, or greenhouse…show more content…
Over the past decade, the growing of wind power capacity in the United States has increased at an average of thirty percent per year, causing the United States wind supply to be very abundant because of the increase of workers employed. Of all the renewable energy in the United States, wind has the largest renewable generation capacity (Eubanks, William). Because of the escalation in wind farms, many jobs are being created for many unemployed people, which is why wind farms are a great source for new jobs. In 2016, the wind sector employed more than 100,000 workers, bringing futures to the unemployed. The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics has named wind the fastest growing American job of the decade. Wind itself, has the potential in the near future to create and support more than 600,000 jobs in manufacturing, installation, maintenance, and supporting services (“Advantages and Challenges of Wind Energy”). This helps to create jobs for unemployed and poverty-stricken

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