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Do you know that if you go and talk to 100 black/white ethnic young men on the streets of Ameri-ca, Britain, France and other large ethnic cities in the world today and ask them what they want to become in the future, the answer you get is so horrifying that it makes you wonder what kind of planet we are now living in compared to those good days when young people used to have big dreams like becoming doctors, lawyers, engineers etc,. You get answers like, I don’t know, I might be dead tomorrow, which is absolutely the wrong attitude to life, can you imagine such a young man that is just coming up in life, that has not finish learning anything in life or live enough lifetime to have such a horrible mindset about life, that he might get killed tomorrow because of the society he is living in, in another word he has now become a victim of society in such a frustrated envi-ronment in the world. And we should not also forget that everyone is not as mentally strong as…show more content…
Because society have encouraged people not to stay and build a solid relationship, not to invest time and cherish their relationships because of the way society is today, compared to 40 or 50 years back when people used to be more humbled, compromised and family oriented, and well rooted because they wanted to stay and develop and build a family life together just for the interest of the family, not individually self-centred oriented the way it is today. In order to turn things around, we need to start creating a fair playing ground for these great young men from multi-racial backgrounds in order for them to develop and be able to add values to their lives and to their boroughs and to the world at

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