Essay On Hardwork Is Better Than Hardwork

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There is debate over whether talent or hardwork lets one be consistenly better than another a certain tasks but scientific reasoning proves that talent is more important than hardwork. For example, every expert sprinter, of both genders, were known to be fast prior to formal training. Also, most, now world class, sprinters took 5 or less years to achieve world class and Olympian champions took up to 3 years which contradicts the 10-year rule to become a world class champion. Having been born with a talent is proven to be more effective than hardwork considering the facts. Expert sprinters were always the fastest kids in their neighborhood before receiving any coaching or beginning explicit training. “Researchers say the best sprinters in the world were exceptionally fast prior to beginning formal…show more content…
“No athlete goes through life unscathed. It’s how they respond when something doesn’t go their way on or off the field that makes all the difference.” (Neporent 5) This is a quote said by Gabby Douglas saying that all athlete will face hardships on their way to glory but their reaction to the problem is the real difference maker. This quote is true, but talented athletes also face hardships and may not recognize they have a gift until they realize they are the ones who do best. This is proof that all athletes go through hard times, but it’s the ones that have a talent to try again go to the top. Critics may also quarrel that athletes such as Steph Curry always worked harder than those in his class to reach where he is today. (Source 1) When Steph Curry took a basketball class he came and stayed before and after meets to practice more, and even his coach said that Curry had a gift for shooting. This refers to Curry as a passionate, talented individual who didn’t even realize it. This proves that talented athletes overcome most obstacles using a gift they were born

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