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“It is claimed that some languages are better than others”. This statement honestly angers me at first as it indicates prejudice on languages but after much research and thinking, I have come to realize that this statement does bring truth. Obviously, we cannot simply announce or claimed one language is the best in the world in general terms but if it’s put into a certain context, it can be possible that some languages are better or in other words, more dominant. For example, some languages may be more romantic than the other or even may be harsher than the other. Look at how after adding a certain category to it, one particular language will pop into our head. So without a doubt, some languages can be better than others when the languages…show more content…
Even though rumors have been going around saying that Arabic is known to have the most vocabulary, after much research, English is the rightful owner of that tittle. Based on a journal titled “Languages of the World” (Gordon, 2005) , English holds the record of having the most vocabulary with the amount of 250,000 distinct words. A large portion of the modern English vocabulary came from the Anglo-Norman languages and frequently makes use of other words originating from other languages. If you were to research the etymology of any English words, it can be found that most of it derives from the Latin Language. For example, the word “religious” derives from a Latin word ‘Relegio’. Sometimes, one English word can be derived from multiple languages as well like the word “Love” which was originated from the word ‘lufu’, a Germanic origin, an Indo-European root shared by Sanskrit Lubhyati ‘desires,’ and finally, from Latin libet ‘it is pleasing’. At the end, English may not considered as authentic as the others, but it is still known as the most vocabulary of languages in the world. Congratulations to the English language for being better than other languages in the “Languages that holds the most vocabulary”

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