Essay On Standardized Testing

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The issue with Standardize Testing Standardize tests are required to be taken by students in all 50 states. Test are taken to determine what classes and colleges students will be able to attend. Standardize test help determine the future academic success of students making students feel that it is critical for them to do well on these test. Schools, also, feel overly pressured to prepare students for the test. If students do well on the test the school looks successful and full of successfully educated learners. In actulallity, standardize testing does more harm than good to the educational system because teachers and students are forced to focus and stress the requirements needed to achieve on the test instead of using creative…show more content…
Many students focus on learning as much as possible and as fast as possible, causing them to not truly understand the information. “Several researchers have concluded that the SAT assesses little more than test-taking skills. One study examined how students’ different learning styles corresponded to their SAT scores. Students were categorized as taking a ‘surface approach’ to learning (a superficial memorization of facts), an ‘achieving approach’ (a focus on grades and scores rather than understanding of the subject), or a ‘deep approach’ (a genuine commitment to learning). The study found that the higher scoring student were those who used the surface and achieving approaches, while the lower-scoring students were more likely to use the deep approach, their love of learning unrewarded by the SAT.” (The Overachievers: The Secret Lives of Driven Kids, Pages 290-291) as explained in the passage the students who commonly do the best on standardize testing are those who memorize just enough information to do well on a specific test. As shown in the passage, the students who truly try to understand and learn are those who do not do as
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