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Sports is probably on the only things I can do without getting bored after a while sports are a huge part of my life. I play 2 sports baseball and football and I like to play basketball for fun. I played for a competitive football team before moving on to high school and for baseball I just play in a league named TBA. I easily could've went competitive in baseball, but chose not to stay with all my friends on the team I'm on now. These last 2 sports seasons have been good for me in football we went 7-1 in the regular season and got the 2nd seed in the playoffs, winning both games to move on to the championship game, but then losing 40-21 and baseball we are 7-1-1 as of right now we still have another 9 games plus the playoffs. I find myself…show more content…
I also have a loud mouth in sports I like to get under players' skins by saying things like they don't get it or they can't do it or calling out their weaknesses which throws them off a little you can tell. I'm just overall confident with my skills to do things most others wouldn't like, I lead off and I clap my hands to make the pitcher try and pick me off, but then takes off and not go back, which is how I get my home runs by just keep running even if there's a chance I can get out cause that's how confident I am in myself. So I'd say sports are a huge thing in my life sometimes one of the only things that makes me happy one of the only things I enjoy and give 100% every day in and out and is one of the only things I give effort for, not because they're fun, but because I'm good at all of them and I hardly even practice but sports in my one and only true love and I don't

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