The Importance Of Sports In My Life

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“A minor setback paves the way for a major comeback.” These are words that ring true to many athletes at some point throughout their career. I know this was especially true for me four years ago when I sprained my ankle. The summer before my freshman year I was so excited to jump start my high school career, participate in summer league volleyball, basketball for the first time, as well as play softball. The week that all of my games were set to start I sprained my ankle playing basketball in the driveway. Even though this was not a career ending or life altering injury, I was still forced to sit out of sports for the first time in my life. Those few weeks off taught me a few lessons that I will never forget. As I was sitting on the bench during the first day of basketball camp, unable to participate, I found myself sulking in the fact that I had to watch from the sidelines. Throughout that week, and the rest of the time I had to sit on the bench, I came to the realization that though sports were a large portion of my life they were not my entire livelihood. I took the time to do other things that I enjoy that I didn’t always do; simple things like reading, drawing, and spending the time I usually would be practicing with my family. Since that time I have made sure to make time for other things that I…show more content…
In the six weeks without activity I was forced to examine and reflect on myself. I learned that it is important to have other hobbies than sports. It displayed the realization that you don’t have to be on the field or court to a part of the team. It may not have been the role I preffered but I was still involved. Yet the biggest lesson it taught me was to never take anything for granted. Yes, I was forced to miss a few camps or games, but I still needed to be grateful for the fact that it was not a career ending injury, and I would be able to play again when I was

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