Personal Narrative: My Cultural Identity

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My culture identity is defined by many things. Culture to me is what defines the person and what they come from, from their ancestors, parents, grandparents and etc. The variety of things are crazy long if they were put in a list, but there are three things that I believe best defines my cultural identity. The three things are sports, food, and religion. I say these best describe me because these things are things that I do everyday or encounter on a daily basis. These things are very important and best defines my culture identity. The first thing that i believe best defines my cultural identity is sports. Everybody in my family starts out doing sports at a young age, but for me i didn't start any sports until the 6th grade. I say that sports are apart of my cultural identity because sports are my everything. Sports to me is a real easy stress reliever from school or just everyday life. Stress from school or just everyday…show more content…
My religion is Christianity. I say that my religion is apart of my cultural identity because to me your religion can somewhat identify who you are. For example, if you celebrate Christmas, the day Jesus Christ was born, you’re considered a Christian just because you celebrate that particular holiday. Just because i celebrate Christmas i am considered a Christian, which I am, and that defines me and cultural identity describes who you are. Religion plays a big part in my everyday life. I pray everyday and thank God for everything that he blesses me with and etc. I also pray to God when i'm in a situation that i know will escalate to something more than what it should be and, if I just need him because I can’t take more of something, or when I feel like giving up on someone/something and I know that he wouldn't be happy with me so I ask him to give me the strenght to finish what he wants me to do. Now, you can see why I believe that religion is apart of my cultural
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