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Shotgun Sports changed my life because without this sport I would not be in college without it. I would be somewhere working sunrise to sundown just trying to survive and pay my expenses. Shotgun Sports has helped me not only get to college but also become a better man. I will first go over some statistics about why Shotgun Sports are good to do then I will go over my personal testimony as well as some excerpts from others testimonies. The first reason that makes Shotgun Sports a good investment is that it is one of the few sports that you can compete at a high level even into old age. Just out of personal experience I have seen people not just compete but win well into their eighties and even nineties. The average age of this sport is 51…show more content…
Shotgun Sports helps build physical discipline. According to “Increased strength, stamina, hand-eye coordination, and fine motor skills are just a few of the physical disciplines acquired in the shooting sports that apply, not only to this sport, but to all of life”. In my experience I tend to lose about 10 pounds or so during shooting season. Towards the end of the season is when I lose most of the weight. Shooting has helped me build arm strength from holding, aiming, and shooting at targets. published a piece which states that “When you fire a gun, your body releases hormones called endorphins …. These hormones promote a calm, relaxed feeling...they can also induce a pleasurable “high-like” sensation.”. I can personally attest to this claim. I get so excited to shoot every day that I go. It is almost at the point that you could call it an addiction. Practicing shooting can burn up to 233 calories an hour according to one report cited in the same article. Shooting also helps relieve eye stress because it forces you to take a break from staring at electronic screens including phones, laptops, and televisions. Shooting Sports also provides a substantial adrenaline rush. All of these are just a few examples of the health benefits of Shotgun

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