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The World Health Organization (WHO) defines disabilities as problems an individual may experience in functioning. Physical activity is widely accepted as necessary component for individual health (Johnson et al., 2004 & Zabriskie et al., 2005). Over the years, there had been an increased awareness on the role of sport and physical activity in enhancing quality of life of individual with disabilities and chronic condition (Johnson et al., 2004). Individual with disabilities can received the same benefit from their able bodied counterpart (Johnson et al., 2004). Sport encompasses broad spectrum of experience that include social, recreational and competitive (Johnson et al., 2004). During the last decade, sport for athlete with disabilities had…show more content…
Competitive sport for people with disabilities has grown rapidly over the past several decade and opportunities for participation are increasingly available throughout the spectrum from developmental to elite (Blauwet et al., 2012). There are abundant of prove that sport participation will give a positive impact on the area of self esteem, self – efficacy, mental health and quality of life and combination of these areas with health promotion, disability rights and societal participations, true empowerment can be achieved by them (Blauwet et al., 2012). Adaptive sport program or community based therapeutic program represent an approach and may link the gap between treatment service provided in healthcare facilities and leisure skills, resources and the relationship that help facilitate high quality of life with family and friend in the community (Zabriskie et al.,…show more content…
Furthermore, this study will be significant toward the rehabilitative professionals since adaptive sport will benefits people with disabilities (Velleren & Molik, 2011; Whilhite & Shank, 2009 & Zabrinskie et al., 2005). Rehabilitative professional should be implementing and promoting adaptive sport participation since involvement in this type of activity will promote function, independence and self autonomy toward this population (Velleren & Molik, 2011). Moreover, from this study hopefully the government, Malaysian Paralympics Association or any related body will make a change of approach towards the situation whereby there was less participation of physically disabled individuals in adaptive sport activities. Various social welfare schemes that had been created by the government or any related agencies are not fully successful in providing the necessary amenities to this special group of population (Wilson & Khoo,

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