That's No Phone That's My Tracker Analysis

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In the article “That’s No Phone, That’s My Tracker,” by Peter Maass and Megha Rajagopalan, technology proves to be a leading factor in advancements to an Orwellian society. The term “Orwellian” originates from George Orwell, the author of the novel “1984”. The novel revolves around the control of the government as well as the power it has over its’ citizens through invasion of privacy. In the article, it establishes the notion that a phone not only serves its’ purpose to make calls and send text messages, but serves as a type of tracker to be traced by the government. A device that people carry with them on a daily basis is actually an easy access to be observed and monitored through. Our technology is driving society to a world in which Big Brother is watching. There has been many technological advances made over time that can be used by the government to have power over the population. Many people are unaware of this situation they have been placed in the instant that they make a phone call, log into a computer or send an email.…show more content…
Our society will reach a certain level in which the theory will become a reality such as the one in which our so called phones are actually tracking devices. Communities will no longer feel secure with the way they live their lives out of fear for what the government may find out through a violation on their privacy. The pressure of presenting with a clear record will slowly linger around the fact that today’s society is heavily impacted by technology. In the novel, one of the leading factors for a brainwashed community was their intimidation of the ones who were in charge because of all the power they held. The government was able to get away with anything they choose to which can end up being the case for today’s situation as well. Technology is not something can be escaped as it is constantly evolving with no end in

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