The Importance Of Physical Recreation And Sports

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Physical recreation and sports are activities that help to develop life skills, abilities, talents and improve the general health of the body. Individuals may earn many benefits from sports: relieves stress, keep individuals in good health, and more opportunities to make new friends. Physical recreation and sports is the most important part of modern life. In a survey conducted in 2012 concerned with participation in physical recreation and sports in Australia, the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS), it was found that both male and female Australians aged 15 and above, who perform sports, preferred a ‘Low’ level of exercise at 28% and 35% respectively. In addition, the survey also determined that the greatest favorite type of participation in both genders be the ‘Non-organised’ option. The percentage of females in this choice accounted for 37%, and for males was 38%. Furthermore,…show more content…
A further reason stated was that all respondents were a student, and ‘Walking’ was free and easy to do for them. Because of almost students received a budget from their parent, so ‘Walking’ was the best choice to do exercise in free time for them to save money and improve healthy. This agreed with the previous research by the percentage of males chose ‘Walking’ in Navitas student and the Australians was similar accounted for around 16%, while the proportion of females in the Australian (30.4%) was higher than Navitas students (20%). Perhaps this is because the Australians have more opportunities to make new friends. When individuals are walking to do exercise, they can perform this activity with others and may chat to start a new friend relationship. In addition, ‘Walking’ may help individuals reduce stress and rejuvenate their energy to challenge the new concerns in their life. Hence, ‘Walking’ the most favorite sport in both Navitas students and the

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