Spirituality In Health Care

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THE ISSUE OF SPIRITUALITY AS IT RELATES TO INDIVIDUAL HEALTH STATUS Significance if the concept Religious beliefs are important in a patient’s life yet majority of nurses are not comfortable with discussing the subject of religion with their patients, since health cares for the total man including the spiritual aspect of an individual’s life it is important for the nurses to be aware of the patient’s belief and how he or she value spiritual care. This is also very important in the end stage of life, since some people belief that there is a higher being who we are all accountable to for the time spent on earth, it is important that at time of death all spiritual issues are taken care of and the patients can rest finally in peace. Some people…show more content…
Implementation activities related to the concept The subject of spirituality in healthcare quite controversial and its still be research by several group to determine its effect and benefit to an individual’s health status. These concept can be utilised in a case of mental disorder some people believe that mental illness is a spiritual attack and therefore they take affected people to churches, mosques or even traditional healers where they are given some strokes of the cane claiming they driving away the evil spirit have possessed the individual. Also these can be seen in the case of a dying man who requests to have his pastor or imam called to have his confessions taken before he finally dies. This is to be respected by the nurse in charge of the nurse and his wishes be granted to enable him die peacefully. Some Christian faith do not accept blood transfusion as a form of life saving techniques they will rather let the person die from severe anaemia they believe that the blood transfusion is a contamination and not in accordance with the holy…show more content…
Therefore, it’s important that nurse have adequate knowledge of his or her patient’s religious belief The people of the African setting especially in Nigeria have a very strong spiritual belief and they can be seem every day from the relationship and interaction of the people. As a nurse working in such an African setting we come across a lot of patients with strong spiritual belief, it is our responsibility to learn about our patient’s religious belief so as to know what they like and dislike this will be help maximally in the care of the patients and helps the nurse to the patient better and adhere to the patients belief. We are respectful of individual’s religious belief therefore they are given the privilege to consult with their spiritual head as they deem fit provided it does not interfere with other people’ comfort or privacy. The nurse’s also assist the patients by taking to them in the benefit of having a strong faith and positive mind

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