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Spiritual Assessment Tool Spirituality involves the patient beliefs pertaining to their religion in relation to their mind, body, soul, and the overall physical and mental well being. Our sold especially needs spiritual restoration and faith building. (Lecture Note 5, GCU 2015, p.1). The purpose of the spiritual assessment tool is to identify ways in which a patient’s spiritual life will assist the health care provider in providing good quality medical care by incorporating their belief without crossing any boundaries. Spiritual Assessment Tool Based on the six different spiritual assessment tools researched, though found all to be interwoven in some of the ways the questions were set. I found FICA and FACT to be of interest to me…show more content…
B. and I chose her because she is a spiritual, diligent, and very resourceful individual. Actually, she is a teacher in real life and very active in the church of God. Question #1 - F = FAITH What Is your faith or belief? Ans: That Christ is Lord; because I am a born again Christian. I am a believer. Do you consider yourself a person of Faith or a spiritual person? Ans: I consider myself a person of faith because faith is evidence of things not seen but believing that it will surely come to pass, especially if I am looking up to God for something; I believe it is done (faith believing). What things do you believe that give your life meaning and purpose? Ans: The joy of the Lord in all that I do. Also, I give myself joy as well. My name is Joy and I live it. One of my friends also calls me happy people. Question #2 – A = ACTIVE Are you currently active in your faith community? Ans: Yes, I am a women leader in the school of discipleship. Are you a part of a religious or spiritual…show more content…
Ans: Yes. My Holy Bible. Is there a person or a group whose presence and support you value at a time like this? Ans: My connect group and my Pastor and the elders. Question #3 - C = COPING How are you coping with your medical situation? Ans: I don’t have any at present; I only go for yearly physical check up. Is your faith (your beliefs) helping you Cope? Ans: Of course, by holding on to the tenet of my belief. The promises of God. Do any of your religious beliefs or spiritual practices Conflict with medical treatment? Ans: None. I do take any medication as prescribed as long as it augments with my treatment. Are there any particular concerns you want to discuss with me as a medical staff: Ans: No, nothing happening now because God has showed me with His Grace up till now. Question #4 - T = TREATMENT How do your spiritual views affect your views about treatment? Ans: As I said earlier, I am okay now medically, but if anything goes wrong or going on, I would want my spiritual belief to be uphold and respected. Interviewer - Thank you Ms. B. for taking the time to do this interview with me. Ans. You are welcome. (Ms. B., personal communication, June 15,

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